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Includes must see video on second page!

Update 19/04/06: I'm going again this year, with a much larger bunch, get ya tickets to Weston Park, Staffordshire, Sat 19th Aug (weekend camping) off eBay!

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Wow, V rocks. Matt, Crazy and I left on Friday and arrived just after it stopped raining, ready for us to set up our home for the next few days:

I do have to admit, out tent wasn't as cool as some of the others there:

We went into Chelmsford that night to get on the piss. The pub we went to started off slowly and in extreme retro music style. I guess it takes a while for new music to make its way out East... although it didn't slow us down as this video on the dance floor proves...

We took one other video that night which was such a cracker, I'm gonna devote an entire page to it some time in the future.

Crazy was in fine form. He ordered an alcoholic pink milkshake:

After all the years I've known him, I've come to expect him to do stuff like that, but I haven't even arrived in the same universe as to how his brain actually works.

Having said that, after Crazy went home later than night because he wasn't feeling "right" (Hmm, wonder if that was because he mixed beer with pink milkshake) Matt and I went nuts. Drinking 'n dancing the night away, which ended somehow in a supermarket with us buying water (ok, makes sense) a bag of potatoes and a football birthday cake...

As it turns out, the potatoes came in very useful for throwing and turning into mascots the next day. We started off with being given free beer as we wandered across to the festival from our tents (with chairs, naturally) as the guy who had the beers didn't realise he couldn't bring them into the arenas:

We met a few cool people as we where doing that, which paid off later on when we met them inside.

Inside was a constant source of beer, laughter, funny smelling grass, amusing people...


... and of course Music, with 130,000 people spread over several arenas to cheer the bands on:

This is what 80,000 odd people look like from the mosh pit of the main V arena:

and here's the other main arena, the E4 stage, who had Kaiser Chiefs and The Prodigy playing:

The Kiwi flag was flying high both days in the crowd, I got to it later on, with an "attachment" of my own (you'll see):

Meeting new and interesting people is as much a part of a music festival as the music itself, here's some Saffas and Australians, who I had to go over and hassle when I saw the flags flying:


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