Def Leppard



Craig, James and I went to Def Leppard last Friday. Was the best damn concert I've ever been to! It had everything, kick ass music, heaps of piss and blonde wigs... Check it out:

We had a couple of quiets beforehand:

Outside, scaring off the school kids hanging around:

Blonde chick number one with the same hair as us (hey, any excuse to get a photo with a chick!):

Rocking on stage:

Blonde chick number two. Ok, she doesn't have exactly the same colour hair, but at least James got a grope:

It was really hard keeping the hair out of our eyes:

Sweet stage performance:

Ok, the blonde chicks started getting a little freaky now, and the one in the middle also had fangs:

Look at these freaks, imagine knowing people like this in real life:

I should create a rockumentory with photo skills like this:


Yeah, I really love photos of topless guys:

And that's pretty much a taste of the evening!

Oh yeah, Brian FREAKEN May from Queen came on stage at the end and played "Tie Your Mother" with Def Leppard! God damn, what a way to end the night. I can only imagine how big the pile of coke (a cola) was back stage for them to celebrate with...

I also took about 30 mins of video footage, using my new Canon Powershot camera, I can fully recommend one :-).

If I can be bothered I'll Divx some of them up and post them. In fact, I'll probably wait to create something spectacular with Craig... Watch this space: