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Well, the last few days have been great fun! Started off with JP's going away dinner. I organised a wee get together for him, here he is with his NZ lady, Kerryleigh:

We went to Rodizio Rico, a Brazilian restaurant where you can eat as much meat as you can! They bring around these big swords and they cut off however much ya want:

The trick is to skip all the sausages and any crappy meat and wait for the steak and lamb... mmm. They also have a great salad bar for all the vegos to chow down on (poor Richard).

Crazy gave it the big thumbs up:

I was really excited, come on Alice, you could be a little more convincing:

You might recognise Juliana and Alice from a recent posting:

Here's James, Richard and Crazy, who can't believe that he has managed to convince the restaurant staff to supply him with alcohol, especially after that all points police bulletin out on his ass:

Dennis managed to grace us with his presence, here with Stef. Dennis is a Calvin Klein model for anorexic-style underpants...

...which Richard has brought the complete supply of. He's now too weak to hold his own head up, the fat ass:

oooosie booosie wooosie Richie witchie!

Here's James with Mel and Bell. Mel didn't think anyone caught her on camera spiking drinks, here she is spiking her own:

Someone spiked my Bacardi and Coke too and that combined with the Earths rotation and the moon's pull, caused me to lean a wee bit too far to one side:

You always know when Richards drunk:

Of course, I'm not gonna leave out a pic of me and a couple of lovely ladies:


Now, On to Dennis's house party! >>>

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