Dennis's house party

(including Tribute to Dennis)

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Now THIS was a house party extraordinaire. The house party to rival all house parties. To give you an idea, here are some quotes I've heard during the last COUPLE OF DAYS:

"OH.... MY.... GOD!"

"Fu<k me, man, that was unbelievable"

"What the hell just happened!?""

"Dude, I turned up and the sun was going down, 10 mins later, the sun was coming up and I've got one hell of a blackspot!!!!!"

"That was unreal"

"Shiiiiiiiiiit, Dude, are those guys doing the same again next weekend?! If so, I'm totally there!"

"Seriously, I only remember 15mins of the night, what the hell happened?"

"That was the house party from Nam"

"I hope those guys are doing that again real damn soon"

"Why's my arse so sore?"


Guys and gals, I know this is a yearly event (so far) and the mess left after rivalled Hiroshima, but damn, I can't wait for the next one!

Make it soon...


Now, here's the rundown of what I found on my and Stef's camera the next day!

You know you've got one hell of a night ahead of you when Ian decides to go for a swim in the pool, before he's even had a beer!


I heard that the couple of ladies that saw Ian's "dazzler" gave it top marks... even though 10 tried to find it... ba-dom-dom-kish!!! I'm sure it was just the cold, Ian.

Here's Ray, Nic and Richie Rich, chillin' before the actual events got underway:

Here's Shan, Adele and moi. Shannon had a fantastic time at the party. So good in fact that several photos had to be destroyed so as to not ruin any political career she may pursue at any later date :-)

Here's Dennis's new flatmate and one of her friends:

Nic and Stef:

God only knows who these people are, if you ever see this page, let me know :-)

Ian, fully clothed for a change with Shannon and Ray:

OK, the party started to get well into full swing here. From now on things start to get a little crazy:

Again, the freaken sun and moons gravity really started to affect me again:

Here's a lovely lady, Jenny:

Here's Tash, Matt and some guy totally off his face making a dick of himself by the looks of it:

Looks like interstellar gravity gave Crazy a run for his money as well.

A prize for anyone who can remember this photo being taken!!!

Me, Ian and Bel:

Your guess is as good as mine when this photo was taken as well:

I don't know who this dude is, but I like him:

Here's a couple of vids to check out, it's great finding out what you did.

First one is of Shannon in the Kitchen... She claimed that it was Dennis's turn to clean and danced a jig in the mess laughing.

She was off by a week...

Now, I'm not saying that I saw Shan poring beer all over the floor just before this video was taken... but I'm not going to lie to the people, she did.

Dennis was MIGHTY glad it wasn't his turn to clean... Nic and Nic (Dennis's flatmate and Dennis's missus) apparently cleaned the floor, scraping dried up pasta that had soaked into all the beer, followed by Ali and Shannon herself with a final mop. Ahhhhhh, the irony that Shan couldn't remember making the mess she cleaned up :-) YOU'RE BUSTED!!!

Second one is in Dennis's room, a real taste of what the party was like up there with Dennis's stereo cranking out the hard house!!! DJ was downstairs playing funky house (I think, I'm no expert). Excellent sounds, well done Mr DJ.

Of course, partying to 6am did have it's toll on some of us:

Ok, depending on how observant you are, you might well be thinking... "Hey, if this is Dennis's house party, why the hell haven't you got many pics of him?!!!! He's usually an ANIMAL!!!"

Well boys and girls, may I present to you, my:

Tribute to Dennis

With some people, it can take months to get a decent collection of photos together to create a tribute, with Dennis, one night.

One of the biggest party animals I know. He likes to go at it with the throttle wide open, the music cranked up and his shirt off for the ladies.

Dennis, cheers mate:

(click for the full size image or "right click -> Save Target as..." and play "find Dennis's hidden body part")


Thank God I didn't have to clean up in the morning... Dave and his mates did that (apart from the kitchen!). Well done guys.


Now, on to Ellie's Party in the Park! >>>


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