Stef had a Halloween party the other weekend, here's the pumpkins we carved:

If you haven't voted for your favourite pumpkin yet, that you better do so here.

Pete was the only other person to dress up (well, Meels did wear a witches hat):

Basically the night started with carving pumpkins:

Getting drunk:

And setting of fireworks (in that order, of course). We "accidentally" had the rockets angled to go off above the train station over Stef's garden wall. Oops!

Here's the chicks, Nic, Kate, Tash, Richard, Shan, Adele and Meels (Pete is in the background eyeing up Richards bum by the looks of it):

Sometime I do worry about Richard...

...and I'm not sure who I think is scarier in this photo:

After a great do, some trick or treating (see the video at the end) and general merriment, a bunch of us went down the Road to Dennis's house party. If you haven't seen the carnage that was his last one, the link is here. Dennis was on fine form of course:

I tell ya what, there's nothing hotter than a chick with a machete and mask drinkin' beer:

And the obligatory drunken photo:


Well, here's the Halloween video, enjoy!


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