Tony and Crazy's NZ Tour (Final Stage)



Well, our tour is now over. What a hell of a time we had. Right, the next thing we did was more wakeboarding, Scott showed us how it was really done:

And Crazy showed some tourists what the water in the lake looks like close up. As punishment I have created a collection of all of Crazy's wipeouts which finished with him trying to get up on a kneeboard - and humping it instead...

Cheers for a fantastic couple of days wakeboarding Scott!

Next on the agenda, after a Friday night on on the town with Leigh and Esther was Wellington. We had no worries getting down there, despite all the flooding from the recent storms:

Basically, it was a full on night on the piss, going to gay bars and the like.

Sunday was spent playing pool:

playing drinking games and general sleeping:

After Wellington, we went up to the Mount:

Where we hung out with Cullen and Leath before we took off back to Hamilton (passing My parents castle in Tirau) for another night on the piss. It was orientation week, we started off at the Hilly for the beer fest:

and ended up at the Outback for some back-drafts and general drunken behaviour. The outback is still identical, some of the posters on the wall are still there since it has opened.

We had one more night in Auckland before flying back to Seoul, it was snowing and we where the last plane that landed before they closed the airport and diverted all other planes:

Asiana airlines made us feel very loved:

We spent the day wandering around the War museum in Seoul, I can really recommend it, the have heaps of cool stuff outside:

As well as inside:

That night we went out and had one more huge night on the piss with Dan and Craig, drinking some crazy shiit that really made a mess of us:

And that was it in a very small nut-shell! I tried in vain to compete with the Koreans when getting my photo taken:

Oh yeah, on the last night in Seoul I used CPR to bring a chick back to life! Talk about sobering up instantly.

We where wandering out of the "Lime Bar" in Seoul past a couple of guys that where fighting. Just before I took off up the stairs to leave I turned around and saw a bunch of people freaking out around this chick who was lying on the floor. Apparently she had been punched by one of the guys.

I went over and got some guys standing around her to help me lay her out on a couch, she was completely limp so I tried to listen and hear for breath, couldn't feel or hear any, nor could a another guy I asked. I told someone to call an ambulance, no one else knew anything about CPR and what I learned when I was 10 years old at Egmont Village primary school all seemed to come flooding back. I put her in the recovery position and gave her three breaths.

She then started convulsing for a couple of minutes (yeah, yeah, I don't need a flood of emails saying "well I'd convulse if you gave me 'mouth-to-mouth' Tony") and I just held her while she did that. She then went limp again, so I did a couple more breaths, her eyes opened, I grabbed her hand and told her to squeeze it if she could hear me. She did, then she started crying and that was basically it! I left her with her boyfriend as the guys came back down to find me and we where off to the next night club!

I recommend to everyone that you learn the basics, you never know when you might need to learn how to do it.