Bollocks 'n Stuff #10




Man, I don't care how stink your Internet connection is, you HAVE to go to this site:


and wait for the video to download. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOUND!

If you loved the "Rainbow" program as a child and had fond memories of sitting around enjoying it in your innocence, this will tear those memories to threads - in the most fantastic way possible of course!!

Cheers to Stu for bringing it to my attention and here is a small out take from the whole thing I made, just for you modem users...


42 Below

Just in case you haven't already received this link six million five hundred and eleven thousand eight hundred and sixty nine times in your inbox already, here it is again - one of the more amusing adverts around:

42 Below

I'll thank Cuzzy Tania for that link!


Steve Balmer Videos

Here's a couple of Steve Balmer videos for your enjoyment (they've been around for ages).

Steve Balmer took over from Bill Gates to become CEO of Microsoft.

I'm posting these for Richard Pinchie, because he has a weird love affair with Steve and Bill...

Developers, developers, developers: link1, link2

Monkey Dance: link1, link2

Watching these videos kinda makes me feel stink that I've only seen Billy.

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