Stupid Bet



Ever wondered just how stupid you look while making drunken bets? No? Well too bad, I'm going to show you anyway:

Sunday the 7th I was out in Leicester Square (centre of London) with Cullen (amongst others) drinking a few overpriced beers and mix's before him and Hannah where to head back off to Dublin where they live. After drunkenly babbling on about how much London *makes* you drink, somehow I agreed to try and go 28 days without a single alcoholic beverage. There was an exception, but that's not fit for public announcement. The prize was a bottle of black label Jim Beam:

Which is the favourite tipple of Cullen and I.

Anyway, I was very determined to succeed at the time (I found out), as the video attests to.

I actually did fairly well, I went until Friday without a drink which ended when Stef came round to my place but it really ended in tragedy for me Sat night when Stef, Dennis, Dwayne Richard and I drank a few jugs of Snakebite at Dennis's place while watching the Rugby and League, followed by a classic night out at The Cook in Acton.

The Cook is basically a right of passage for any antipodeans that comes over to London, offering it's patrons the ability to quietly nip back a pint or two, before getting smashed (video via my phone) on the nightclub floor, which opens 11pm-3am:

Anyway, I've learned my lesson and I'm never going to drink again.

Oh, and thankfully I had already brought a bottle of Beam last time I went through duty free for Cullen and I anyway!

By Tony Baker: email