Man, I've just had a sweet snowboarding trip to the 3 Valleys in France, basically crazy's flat and misc people. We had 6 days of snowboarding in nice sunny weather, it piissed down on the day we left, not snowing, just stinking rain. Here is where we stayed:

A place called La Tania.

First thing most of us guys did was order a steak to set us up for a week, here is a medium rare one I had:

I think the centre was just warmed, nice.

Here is us hard core boarding boys on the first day, probably the most cloudy :-)

Notice how sober Dennis (left) is in this photo, a rare thing...:

I think the biggest night we had was the second night when we went out on a pub crawl, we had the fantastic idea after a few beers of filling up my camel back bladder with beer and wearing it under my jacket:

Worked a treat, lactating into everyone's beer through the nipple when anyone needed a top up :-)

Here's a drunken photo I'm particularly proud of, for obvious reasons:

We got really smashed that night, in fact, none of us can remember me filming or watching Dennis do this to a cars rear windscreen wiper. Also, I happen to record the infamous "rock in the snowball" incident - run Dwaine, run - backing vocals by Crazy. Well worth the downloads :-)

Now here's an amusing / long winded story: when we came out of the last pub that night/morning at 4am, we where approached by a French prick who said something like "you bloody English, piss off". One of him and 5 of us guys. We of course told him to piss off and that we where Kiwi's but he kept coming at us until eventually we had enough and where ready to flatten him. Dwaine was the cool head of the group and politely told him that he would get wasted if he hung around any longer and we where just wanting to get a taxi home. Then he decided to pull out nunchucks! Apparently he took a swing at me but due to my cat like reflects honed through the years of dedicated martial arts training, or the fact that I bent down to look at something shiny on the ground, he missed me. Dwaine stepped in, took a wee hit to his hand and biffed the nunchucks down the hill and really told him to fu*k off! Still Dwaine kept the cool even though he was now hassling us about stealing his nunchucks and stopped us killing him. Just as well because a cop car drove by, we flagged it down and told him that the prick pulled out a weapon, after questioning and assuring the cop that we didn't steal his wallet as he was claiming as well as having a sniffer dog bring back the nunchucks the police really gave him a going over, he must have sworn at them because the took him to the ground, then after he spat at the cops, they mashed his head into the side of the cop car and drove off with him.

We went, hmm, guess we may as well find a taxi now!

So be warned if you happen to be at on the side of a mountain in a French ski resort at 4am on a Monday morning, there are French pricks all about!

Oh yeah, a couple of days later when we where off to the pub again, we noticed that the cop station was actually directly across the road from where the incident happened! Not the brightest French person in France then... :-)

After the first night, we got so drunk that someone had a kid:

That's a photo for all the ladies that read my website.

Also, we managed to meet a few members of the cast of Lord of the Rings! Frodo (his real name apparently) is on the left:

Right, a nice scenic shot I took from our hotel:

And now for some SNOWBOARDING VIDEOS!!!

I know all you want to see is PAIN, so here it is:

Dennis trying to do a jump

Crazy hurting himself

Me wiping out in a pathetically small jump

Crazy really hurting himself on the same pathetically small jump

Note: His Front Ankle is not designed to bend like this when strapped firmly in bindings:

And now for a couple of OK jumps:

Here's me actually doing a half decent jump - note the flapping arms

And Crazy "bird-man" Morton nailing a jump.

Also, Matt had a near death experience, not from him doing a jump, but of course, because of that crazy, crazy John:

All in all, one hell of a fantastic trip! Looking forward to next year already.