Merry Christmas!



And a happy new year, especially to those of ya who have gone back home after spending time in the UK, you will be missed and seeing ya go was probably the worst part of the year, that and breaking up with my long term girlfriend Sharon (fortunately we have managed to remain good friends) and my Mum going through an operation (she's fine now).

Man, what a downer of a way to start my Merry Xmas message! Anyway, this year has otherwise been fantastic! My new Years resolution of "travelling more" has pretty much been nailed, I keep wondering if my flatmates will call the cops each time I walk back in the flat. I've met/caught up with some fantastic people both in and out of the UK too (in fact, all but Charles in the photo above I've met this year). I'm very much looking forward to getting into trouble with those of ya I've met and those coming to (and hopefully coming back to) London next year!

Work is great, the new flat has worked out great, it's all great. I'll be in Russia this Christmas and New Years (from 18th Dec to 6th Jan) with Sharon, Cullen, Hannah and Richard and I'm sure the rest of you will be seeing the new year in with style. Remember to take lots of snaps!


So on with the rest of the pics! A bunch of us went raving at Turnmills in Farringdon last Sat to see Groove Armada, and we had a sweet time (God, the red-eye brush in PhotoShop nearly got worn out touching up the photos below :-) )!

Here's a photo for Charles to show his Dad:

Here's hot Santa:

No selection of pictures would be complete without me looking like an idiot:

And there is nothing like chilling out with a group hug at the end of it all.

All the very best to everyone for this coming year, I have a feeling it's gonna be full on... and I plan to document a taste of it, right here!

BTW, thanks for visiting my site, I've gone from an average of 5 unique visits per day in Jan to an average of 39 per day so far this month. Putting a smile on peoples faces is why I put the effort in and what it's all about (that and so I have a record later in life when my memory is fried). Send me an email if you get a laugh out of it, I love to hear your comments (I get so few)!

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