Prague with Craig and James



Craig, James and I went to Prague. If ya haven't been before, I really recommend it. 50 beers (at the classy places) and 3 course meals for under a tenner, it's a winner.

Aside from really cool building all over the place and a cafe culture:

... Prague has heaps of cows everywhere:

I don't know what the hell the point of all of them is, but it's nice and arty I guess.

One of the places I can recommend going is the sex toys museum. I'll leave you to work out what the following are used for:

The best bit about the museum is that you can try them all out, like this woman. We got pretty knackered by the end...

Being a "foreign" country, you can usually find a few amusing stores where you can get out of the ordinary things:

But I think this was our favourite place, as far as names are concerned:

...apart from Charles Bridge. A very cool old bridge with heaps of statues along it, like this one:

The beggars also had the right idea in Prague. They would just sit their on their hands and knees in one position with a cup, waiting for change, rather then coming up to you and getting in your face. The beggars are also more cunning, in that they employee dogs to help them out:

There is also a "castle" in Prague up on a hill, which isn't really what I would call a castle, but is nice all the same:

(you can also see some of Charles Bridge in that photo). We even managed to see the changing of the guards up at the castle (yes, I'm and idiot).

And in a very small nutshell, that was Prague. We had heaps of fun there, like going to casino's, a laser strike and checking out the nightlife... Go there if ya can and see for yourself!