The other week I went to Portugal with Sharon, here she is:

Was pretty cool, I would recommend it. Lisbon was a surprisingly clean city with lots of beach's within an easy drive around it:

We hired a car and drove to a bunch of places, even all the way down to the Algarve.

OK, here's a more decent pic of Sharon, in the Algarve (she's on a beach):

One thing I must say, Those Portuguese people are pretty full on sexually, look at what you could get for lunch under "Pastas & Lasanha", whatever the F**K lasanha is:

One of the cool things was driving on the Motorway there. The speed limit does say 120Km/h, but I think that's only for really foggy days, at night, with an emergency tire on and all the family in the car. Here's a vid I took of one of the many cars that passed us - and here's one at night - yes, the speedo does say 150... I was just chillin'.

Other than fast cars, beach's and sun, there was plenty of site seeing. Here's a Castle, trying to rip my parents one off:

The top of the Bastille in Fatima:

Looking down the main street in Lisbon:

And a house that was designed by someone on acid:

You wouldn't want to run head first into that when you're pissed.

And there you go. Portugal, another place you don't need to visit any more, thanks to my incredible run down of it.