Poor Winner



Man, you learn at an early age what a poor winner is. The first time you win at primary school and go “Nah, nah, nah, naaaaaaah, nah, you suck!!! We are the best in the WOOOOORLD!!!” then get hammered in the next game by the 6’2” Maori kid, you start to catch on...

Anyway, I saw on the tube, pretty much the best example of how not to act, just after the English - sorry, Jonny Wilkinson - beat Australia to take the Rugby World Cup for the first time.

Imagine the most picture perfect bald, fat, beer-bellied Englishman you possibly could (wearing his white English rugby jersey). I saw one, yelling down a packed underground platform in the most drunken Cockney accent you can think of, throwing a half empty can of Stella Beer at an Australian, yelling “F**k you, you F**ken Auzzie F**kers!! We F**ken Thrashed you f**ks!!!!!!! We’re the best in the f**ken world!!!”

This is so amazingly shocking/funny on so many levels. I couldn’t believe it. Go England.

Of course, I know most English people are not like this at all, only the white trash.

Wouldn't want to be an Aussie in the UK for the next 4 years... poor little guys.