Damn, hello stinking hangover. Someone tipped an ash tray into my mouth and a dumpster emptied its contents into my kitchen.

Yep, another successful poker night.

This one was a classy affair, Craig's birthday so we all dressed up and acted smartly, just like James Bond would:

It was cigar city washed down with champagne, beer and cognac.

Lots of heated conversation and concentration from Richard as far as following the rules were concerned:

James showed us his ring a few times...

...and was looking pretty as usual...

Well, not a pretty as the Birthday boy:

All in all, a great night. My new poker table (Christmas present from Sharon) went down a treat, with only minor scrapes a bruises:

Final score (after starting with 19):

Richard 37.25
Charles 12.00
Tony 13.50
Stuart 3.25
Chris 14.50
Craig 35.00
James 15.50

So the Birthday boy walked away the winner, again. Till next time, chaps.