Off to America



Well, I've just come back from America (went there for work). Had another sweet time as usual. Pat (one of the guys I work with) showed me the sights and sounds of an American Ice hockey game! I can fully recommend going to one. They are so American you can actually feel you arteries harden just from breathing the air:

Once you're settled down in your seat with your beer, hotdog, pretzel, nachos, popcorn, candy floss and cake (they have a dessert cart) you can start watching the game! Here is what it looks like before the game starts (312Kb) and here is the rink mid game:

That big square thing in the middle is for displaying the score, adverts and close up's of people in the crowd making fools of themselves. Unfortunately I wasn't one of them:

No game is complete without several fights. Usually they start after someone rams into someone else while swiftly bringing their knee into their stick-berries while describing in detail just how good his Momma is at giving head...

I usually go to Philly in the weekend to catch up with Sheldon. Here is his house:

We decided to go on a road trip! Nothing like it. We thought we'd check out Gettysburg, you know, that place where heaps of people died:

We needed to ask for directions on how to get there, I saw some helpful fullas:

Here's what good ol' American towns look like:

Basically, Gettysburg is a field:

It isn't what you would really expect as there are no dead bodies everywhere, just stacks of monuments:

Of course the REAL reason for our road trip was to go see Amish country! Wasn't disappointed. Here's a vid as we where driving through Aiiimish country (410Kb). The whole place stank of shiit (literally) by the way:

Amish country is known for it's crazy place names. We headed for just one - INTERCOURSE!!! Here are some of our photos around the Intercourse sign. I had to censor one of them when my goods fell out:

Greatest place on earth as far as we were concerned at the time. Here's our video run down (200Kb).

Here's how the Amish trip around town:

And that's basically it! Oh yeah, we ended up going out that night and catching up with one of Sheldon's work mate and a couple of his mates. Had a great time getting smashed at a seedy bar. On the way home we got pulled over by the cops and breath tested. After the cunstable took the breath test he asked our "sober" driver if he knew the legal limit "0.08 officer", he turned it around and it showed 0.083. We where sweating, considering what was in one of the boys pockets... and the fact that our driver was on a learners licence, and the fact that he had moved around from 6 different addresses in the last few months... after letting us sweat it out in the car for 10mins he finally let us go with a warning. Celebrations where in order that night till 4am or so!

All good.