New York, New York



Neale, a mate from work and I went to little ol' New York last weekend and had a blast:

You hear the saying "Take a bite out of the big apple", well, we did that, and I think the big apple took a large bite out of us.

First place we hit was Central Park, one of the greatest places to go in New York in my opinion:

We walked over Brooklyn Bridge:

Up through China Town:

Across to Times Square:

Here's a vid.

and to the Empire States Building:

Where of course, you get the best view in the city, here's downtown Manhattan (Empire States building is so high up, you can see the curvature of the Earth):

The BEST thing about New York is checking out the freaks! You can tell them a mile away, just by looking at them:

This dude was in Times Square just chillin, with about 4 billion other people running around him:

The kids are pretty tough in New York:

And the old ladies tired:

I'd show you a close up of her feet, but that aint too pretty. Here's a video of a few more freaks for your enjoyment...

Of course we hit the pub and clubs pretty hard while we where there, we even managed to meet up with some real New York characters (Lana and Heather):

We did god knows how many shots with them and they even took us to a titty bar, where we drank god knows what. Ended up with them making us very happy... yeah that's right, they didn't mug us! Soooo stoked about that. Didn't score though, can't think why...

Yeah, nice one Tony, real smooooth.

And that's a little taste of what we got up to. I was threatened with being lead out of the hostel in handcuffs only the once, which is doing pretty well too I think... that's a story to tell over beers.

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