New York & NBA



Ahh, New York, New York, it so good you have to say it twice and Neale and I, well, visited it twice and, well saw the same people again twice too (Lana and Heather)!

We knew the weekend was gonna turn out good when we where invited to a Sorority party within an hour of setting foot in NYC. Unfortunatly all the pledges weren't allowed to drink and we pretty much decided to make up for that fact...

Anyway, we got drunk and at about 2am we pretty much hit a wall (seeing as we flew in the night before) and called it a night when Neale's eyes rolled up into the back of his head and didn't notice someone open a door on him.

The next day we met up with Rhian, who's a friend of the family, as you might have been able to guess (being a friend of my family), she got along perfectly with Neale and I:

In fact, Sat we where quite cultured, we went and saw Chicago:

Followed by laughing ourselves stupid at an Improvise comedy thing (just like Who's Line is it Anyway) before getting drunk as skunks playing pool and yacking. At the comedy show I got the nick-name scalp, because they said, "now think really hard, thing right to the back of your head for..." followed by me yelling out "SCALP!" and them finishing off with "...a name". Oh well.

And that was basically New York, I only took one touristy shot, seeing as we did it all last time, Chrysler Building with the top in the clouds:

After recovering Monday, Shannon (our workmate) and her partner John took us to an NBA basketball game! If you haven't been to one before, it's all about eating, drinking, eating, watching the cheerleaders, eating, watching the half time entertainment and EATING! Oh yeah, and the basketball game. I think I gained several pounds (not Kg's we're in the States) just from breathing the air:

Yeah, our seats weren't the $500 ones by the court, but they still gave us a real taste:

We had a sweet time and if you ever go, get yourself a novelty hand, your are guaranteed a good time, check out the vid! One of the better collections of stupidity you'll see on my site:

And that was the first few days of our "work-trip" to the States!

By Tony Baker: email