New Years 2004



Damn, was a craaaazy night on New Years. Firstly we started off at Crazy's place with some drinking games, such as Dennis playing some chicken game:

We sunk a lot of piss, just to get the night heated up.

We basically spent the best part of the night at the pub down the road. Had a huge ice sculpture to do shots off of:

When we turned up, we where pretty much the only ones there. All got a bit crazy after that.

I impressed Sharon with one of my handsome faces:

Here are the girls:

And the boys:

Some of us even scored a couple of chicks that night:

But not Crazy. He went maaaasive, completely wild. Here he is stripping on the bar where he wasted the five bouncers who tried to drag him out of the bar. Was amazing to watch some of the back flip kicks he did to put them in their place:

Richard was of course in fine form as well. Lost count of the number of women he scored:

I also took a stack of videos that night once we got back to Crazy's, which tell a far more seedier story than the photos above.

It's amazing the stupid craaaaap you do when a camera is on you. Dennis, you have a fine anus.