Just to prove that it's not all drinking over here in London, thought I'd show ya some Social Netball photos!

Yeah, yeah, "What, a soft GIRLS game, Tony?!" I hear you say - the only people who say that, are the ones who haven't played before, and hey, the there are heaps of chick around... ;-)

Anyway, here's the team:

Adele, random fill-in (we had one every game), Rege, Tania

Grant (filled in fantastically all the time), Stef, Moi and Charles

Here's a few action shots, here's me about to do a superman to save the ball:

Here's Stef making out with the ball:

All of us ready to trample over the opposition to get the ball:

And here's Charles scoring with Tania (even though she's married):

Here's a nice action video, showing ya how it's all done.

And of course, playing sport is all about having a few beers afterwards:

Cheers, ladies!

(OK, I lied about it not being all about drinking over here!!!)

Looking forward to playing next season already.

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