Munich Beerfest from 19th Sept to 24th Sept



A bunch of us went to Munich for the Annual beerfest, went last year as well but came back for the pork knuckles.

Here’s a selection of photos


Who says idiots can’t score chicks (John is classified as Crazy, more than an idiot by the way…). First night in Munich .


Of course, we had a pork Knuckle:

Didn’t tell Richard “the vego” Parker that I tipped all my gravy into his beer. Funny how he said it was the best tasting drink he ever had and doubled his muscle mass over night, which still doesn’t say much.


We decided to run through a fountain late at night after coming back from a beer hall in town. Seemed like a real hard man thing to do at the time. It was:


I managed to score more than Sharon on this trip…

Weird how photos just don’t do chicks justice. Se really needed to shave her legs though; I got a rash on my cheeks. I defiantly remember her being way hotter at the time… after the 3 or so Steins. Oh well.


Sittin’ around having a beer, as you do. Note how much happier Craig appears in photos than he does in real life.


Mmm, fishy! When you tire of eating pork knuckles, there is shiit loads else to eat. After scoffing this, I came the closest I ever have to vomiting and not actually doing so. It may be because Craig stuck the fish head on a stick and waved it in my face, but probably due to some dodgy beer or something.


This is how they cook them. I do have to say they where the tastiest fish I have ever eaten, sorry Dad.


We went to see this clock chime in mid-day, which was at 11am . The clock figures all run around and stuff, wasn’t all piss drinking you know!


Like I said, wasn’t all piss drinking you know…


…it was also about sitting around in the sun.


Oh yeah, we took off for a day trip to this place called Fussen, which was 2 extremely quick hours by train from Munich . There where a couple of castles there. Walt Disney apparently based his castle on the ones there. Here is the dumber one:


And here is the cooler one. I took this photo from a helicopter I was piloting, I learned how to fly in Nam :


It was pretty everywhere. I wet my pants.


This was one of the photos of the inside.


I made sure I took a couple of photos because they told us we weren’t allowed to. I only got told off once, I did the all “Oh, REALLY, we CAN’T take photos?! Why didn’t you say?!!” dumb tourist routine. For some reason I pulled it off really well.


This is a bridge, I’ll show you the photo I took from it…


Bingo. Everyone found it far more impressive in person, because I was there:


You really don’t want to fall off the bridge. Unfortunately, Cullen was to full of pork knuckles and his head to bald and slippery to get a good grip on him so I could time how long something would take to hit the bottom.


And here is a view down into the town area; you can see the other dumb castle.


We spent the last days drinking piss. Look at these two losers:

One’s pretending to be really, really hard, and the other is just all bald and slippery.


See, I wasn’t lying, we did do more drinking. Craig , you are such a sexy beast, come round for some more “Xbox” so I can play with you…


The best bit about the trip is that I forgot my shaver:

That is a picture on the first day when my 5 o’clock shadow hit.


I’m putting this picture on the Internet because it was the last one I took before Craig broke my camera for taking pictures of him scoring chicks while Kim wasn’t there. Naughty boy.


In conclusion I would have to say the end.