Tony and Crazy's NZ Tour (Korea & NZ Stage)



Here's a selection of pics and vids of the middle leg of our epic journey. Once we where in Gumi, Dan and Craig took us to their locals where we drunk heaps of piiss and laughed at all the locals:

We went to a traditional Korean village that has been kept the same for the past few hundred years or so:

We even splashed out and stayed at the Hilton:

And no shiit, this is how the Koreans Live:

Basically they jam tens of thousands of Koreans in 40 story buildings full of one and two bedroom apartments. No wonder you see drunk Korean businessmen staggering around at 2am every morning, I wouldn't want to go home to that!

Eventually we arrived in NZ!! Damn, it's sooo clean and green. Crazy and I have really started to fully appreciate what we have here in NZ. Karl and Paul picked us up at the airport:

The first thing we did was go to the BP and get ourselves some Steak and Cheese pies, they where as fantasic as I remember:

Within 2 hours we had already started doing some crazy stuff:

And of course we went out on the piiss in Auckland with all the boys that where there:

And ended up doing some Crazy stuff down Queens street.

After spending a couple of days catching up with the parents, we took off down to Taranaki, stopping for some fresh fish & Chips (with a whitebait fritter):

I took Crazy for a bush walk up Mount Egmont (forgot the shotgun, unfortunatly, so crazy's still around):

And Took a couple of amusing videos and went wakeboarding with Scott dog:

And that's a brief summary of what we've been up to so far! We are now off for some more wakeboarding before going out on the piss tonight in New Plymouth, then it's off to Wellington! Later.