Tony and Crazy's NZ Tour (Korea Stage)



Well, we’ve been here only a few days and already things have gone all crazy. We started off really bummed at the airport. Sure we knew we couldn’t take our guns and drugs, but when we had to hand our elephants, that sucked::

The first thing we did was find the weirdest food we could to eat:

Matiu showed us round his kneck of the woods first, tucked in to some real Korean food (Galbi):

We have managed to do some sight seeing:

Here's what a lot of the streets look like at night:

Here's central Seoul, we climbed up this huge hill to get this one:

We've also done a LOT of drinking so far, been out till 7am last night/morning. Fortunatly Seoul is open 24 hours and you can pick up a feed any time:

And we've found out just how awesome Karoke is!!! Check out the Video. Seriously, it's fantastic.

Currently we are 3 hours south of Seoul in a place called Gumi, catching up with old Uni mates (Craig and Dan). We went out on the piss last night:

Today we have been hooning around on motorbikes:

Here's another video of us on bikes. Heaps of fun and we've only just started. I'll keep you posted with more craap as it comes to hand :-)