James Post-It Notes



People can be categorised. Some people say they are hard (like Cullen):

Some people are incredibly attractive to women (like Myself):

Some people look like drunks (like Chris):

and SOME people are just beautiful (like James):

The real proof of the pudding so to speak is when these claims can be backed up by a third party.

The following is a set of 4 post-it notes and transcript that James (the beautiful) received when he left an Internet cafe. He was given them by a man (who was sitting a few seats down) as James was leaving the building.

Proof that reality is truly stranger than fiction.

Sorry to bother you! I was just wondering if you can do me a big big massive favour please! I can also pay £15 for this big favour! First of all Iím gay, I know you are NOT gay but you are the most beautiful boy Iíve ever seen in all my life and I was wondering if you think you can do me this following big favour please -> SEE OVER

If we just go in the toilet here in Victoria and I donít touch you at all and I just wank myself looking at you and in 1 minute (even less because Iím so horny) I come! Do you think you can make it? Basically I would NOT touch you at at all and all Iím asking you is just to allow me to look at you for 1 minute somewhere (even here because to be honest I donít even need to pull it out. I can just touch myself keeping

my trousers on and in 30 just looking at you and in 30 seconds I can come in my trousers! But if itís too hard and uncomfortable for you, donít worry I never mind! I will understand you and I know itís not easy to understand how something so quick like that can make me really happy! I also have £15 here with me so I could also pay

But never if you feel uncomfortable! Thank you so much for reading all this ridiculous and boring message! NICK From Italy Call me 07887-****** P.S. We can also go here upstairs! Thereís nobody there!