Sharon and I went to Iceland for a few days last week.

When I become king of the world I'm going to rename Iceland to Wasteland. Cool place to visit, but damned if I saw a decent tree the whole time I was there.

It's covered in lava flows:

In fact, the Icelandic people seem to love them so much they build houses in the stuff:

Now call me paranoid and I'm sure they know best, but why they hell would you build your house in a fricken place where lava is gonna head straight for at the next damn eruption?!!!

Anyway, it wasn't quite all lava everywhere though, they had waterfalls, coming out of lava flows:

ones that didn't come out of lava flows:

And due to all this volcanic activity, there is heaps of geothermal stuff all around the place:

like geyser's erupting:

Shiit loads of volcanoes everywhere:

Some Volcanoes even started eating houses that had been sitting there too long:

And you guessed it, there was Ice in Iceland, mainly in the form of Glaciers:

Even their bars where made out of ice!!!!

You need to share the road with fricken horses:

but to unwind at the end of the day, there where heaps of geothermic pools to swim in, like the blue lagoon, so named because it's an off-white colour:

Tony's interesting fact #1 - all the heating and hot water in houses in Iceland come straight from hot springs. The showers stink like Rotorua.