Guy Fawkes



I should've posted this page a while ago, fortunately I didn't get up to much last weekend which gives me an opportunity to get round to posting this, well, not much except for going out with Pat (my bosses son) and his mates, guess which one he is (hint, the charming individual with the lovely middle finger):


Anyway, Ian had a Guy Fawkes party at his place a few weeks ago and the bonus is that his place is 18 Stories up!

You get a sweet view, anyone who's lived in London will appreciate this shot:

St. Paul's, Tower Bridge , Tower 42 and the Gherkin are all visible.

I found a Guy Fox on the way to Ian's place (right outside my front door):

He was just scratching around under the bushes and licking his balls. Didn't seem to mind me taking a snap of him.

At Ian's we got pretty drunk, watched all the fireworks across London and set off fireworks ourselves, such as the brave Stef:


Download and watch the video, and you too can ohhh and ahhh at London's fireworks with me and all the gang, while hearing Ian's cunning flat fraud plan. Also you can appreciate the bravery of Stef and laugh along with the Insurance Inspector as Ian tries to burn his hand off and torch a car:

A wee bit hard to make Ian out in that photo, but that's him. Notice the angle of the sky-rocket.

By Tony Baker: email