Georgetown DC and a-Shootin'



Neale and I went out on a min pub-crawl of our own making last Friday in Georgetown, Washington DC. It's pretty famous in DC for it's nightlife and we weren't let down.

We decided to start off at the first bar we came across, and soon after we left, decided to try and have one drink in as many pubs as we could. I had my camera, so we eventually planned out that we could take a photo at each pub.

Number 1:

We actually managed to chat to a couple of chicks at this bar, although I thought the pic of me next to the suit of armour was appropriate seeing as my parents built a castle.

Soon after this photo, we though, "Hmmm, lets see how many photos we can get with chicks in them that we meet at each pub, OOOH! And we'll hold up fingers showing what pub we're at - so we can work it out tomorrow... OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! And we'll go beer, spirits, beer, spirits..." - I guess the photos tell the story of how foolish the last idea was:

She was cool enough, boyfriend worked the bar though, wasn't overly impressed with us chatting her up, but cheered up immensely when we left!

Ok, so we didn't chat to any chicks at this bar, too busy staring at the hot bar staff - stealth shot here.

Damn it, how come we seem to get action from women of some sort at the pubs where Neale gets to be in the photo?! Oh well, just coincidence I suppose. Check out the freak in the background.

Ahh, shiit "a-ha", no luck talking to the ladies here... this is turning into a pattern...

Sure enough, we get to talking to some hotties here. Most of them taken by the guys standing next to them, but that never stopped us before. Shame yankie boy thought the photo would be better with him diving in front of the chicks, but oh well... they where all very cool people.

We found a cool bar at the Ritz hotel here. No luck with the ladies AGAIN, but the receptionist at the front door seemed happy enough to help out a drunk Kiwi, desperate to get his photo taken with a chick!

Yeah, Neals turn to be in a photo, of course we found someone at this bar.

FINALLY! Some legit chicks we chatted to that I could be in a photo with. Notice that the one on my left was at the bar before, she thought she'd tag along and lead us here.

And here we have it, the final bar. Chick on the left was birthday girl and on the right was her mate. Neale thought it only proper that I was in this photo rather than him, seeing as it was my dancing skills and booty shaking on the floor that attracted them... well, that's what I would like to think happened. Shame they couldn't count to 10 either... but I'll forgive them!

Yeah, our heads felt run-over the next day and I had the shakes, which was really handy because our boss took us a-shooting!

Was VERY cool, you really should check out the video.

By Tony Baker: email