Spice Island Party



Well, I guess I should've put these up a few weeks ago, photos of Hanna and Cullen's going away party combined with Crazy John's birthday. We booked out part of Spice Island (a cool pub by the Thames just down the road from my place).


Here's the birthday boy. Hard to believe he is actually dating now, especially when that's him trying to emulate my Mr Smooth look:


Here's Matt, eating his "Bangers and Mash". We spent ages sculpting is just perfect so he would enjoy it more:


Craig found a new way to express the fact that he's a doctor (well, a dentist at any rate):


Here's Richard with a NEW SHIRT!!!!! Yep, he only buys one every few years, here it is exclusively on my web site:

He'd had a couple before this photo was taken ;-)


Things got a little crazy near the end of the night, no surprised there. Cullen in on the ground to the left, crying, we had to kiss his bump better afterwards:


Here's Cullen after he stopped crying, trying to pick up some random's to redeem himself after he bawled his eyes out in front of the boys:

(note, editor reserves right to artistic freedom)


And here's a picture of the going-away girl:


Most other people:

All in all, a good night.