Cricket, NZ vs West Indies in Cardiff



Went to Cardiff last weekend to watch NZ kick the West Indies ass. Weather was nice to boot!

Here we all are, Amanda, Stu, Sharon, Me, Sarena, Craig and James:

Our other best mate, the English yobbo also came along for the ride:

Crowd entertainment included this guy:

He fell asleep for a couple of hours and all the kids ran up with their free pouches of sunscreen and squirted it on his head, was all nicely topped off with a fag butt and pint glass.

Craig and James nearly got nabbed by the police:

He had the very cunning idea of opening a packet of crisps, putting a hip flask in it and sealing it back up with scotch tape. Turns out he didn't even get his bag searched, bummer.

Oh yeah, there was cricket being played as well:

All in all, another top day out, great way to spend the day relaxing in the sun, especially after the touch party, the night before: