Crazy John Tribute



Ahh, I've just had to post this on my site, even though I emailed it out before. My Tribute to Crazy John.

Truly a great man, I think I could easily dedicate this entire site to him as he is usually at the crux of most note-worthy things that happen.

People will remember him in the distant past when he had hair:

The famous "flock of sea gulls". Shame that picture doesn't do it justice, watching "it" in full flight in a gust of wind was truly a sight to see.

His head pales in comparison today:

Famous quote: “I really like the drums in that song” – said while walking along a road at night, with no songs playing, in fact no music had been heard for quite some time.

Most amusing/worrying situation (clearly open to debate): While sitting on a boat on the ocean during a diving course:

Diving Instructor: OK, put your mask on.

John: What, mine?!

Diving Instructor: Ahh, yeah. Ok now sit on the edge of the boat and get ready to roll back in to the water.

John: What, down there?! *pointing at the ocean*

Diving Instructor: Yes John. OK, buddy up everyone.

Everyone: BAGS NOT JOHN!!!

Sure enough, John had to buddy up with the instructor.

Yes, I think most of the boys would gladly give the shirt off their back for John if he ever needed it, well actually not literally as there has been times when he’s needed one, such as when a taxi driver tore his off and punched him…

Anyway, without further ado, here is the Crazy Tribute:

If you happen to have an amusing story about John (I know you do) that you would like to see published on this page, send it to me and I'll put them up in a weeks time... as long as John doesn't mind!!!!

For example (from Chris Mathew):

Tony, for a start i love it.

Quotes and bang on.  The things is that the page as it is only
scratches the surface.  There is so, so much crazy shiitx that could go
on there.

On lesser know fact that i didn't really publisize (i don't intend this
to go on the page, realy just fyi and giigles), last time crazy and i
were in prague, (jan 2003) crazy went for a dump.  The toilet at the
hostel didn't have any toilet paper, neither did crazy.  So, resourceful
as ever, crazy went macgyver on it and searcehr around for some
makeshift toilet paper.  Lo and behold there was a little bin right next
to the toilet that had some toilet paper in it, so crazy used this. 
Yes, that's right, he went through and used other people's USED toilet
paper to wipe his arse with.

Once i began chastising him for this eh replied " o, it was only what
people had blown their nose on".  Bollocks; like all you've ever used
toilet paper for is snot.  Crazy rubbed himself down with used toilet