Continuing the disturbing trend of getting munted every weekend, I thought I'd put up a couple of photos of what I got up to on the Sat night I arrived back from the States.

Mark rang me up and said "we're going to Carwash tonight, wanna come along?" of course I had to accept.

Basically it's a 70's 80's themed night club, they don't let you in if you're not dressed up:

Mark, Craig, me and Matt. Ian went as well, but he wasn't cool enough to be in a picture with us.

That's a real Canary Wharf maintenance shiit I'm wearing. Yeah, I got my costume together at the last minute, the others actually went out and got theirs custom made, specifically to enhance the socks in their crouch when they do this:

And may I now present the drunken shots at the event:

Any excuse for a grope says good ol' Ian

Damn I look COOL! Why don't I score more often?! If someone can solve that mystery I would greatly appreciate it!!!!

Anyway, I think we will have to make another tip to Carwash, they also have a swimming pool there! Mark and I stripped down to our grundies and jumped in for a quick game of water volleyball, before invading a topless couple in the Jacuzzi. No, the guy wouldn't share his topless girlfriend around with Mark and I, even though we asked real nice.

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