Cap D' Ail Holiday



Ahh, I've just come back from a fantastic summer holiday from Cap D' Ail (near Nice and Monaco) with Vicky, Dennis, Stefan, Adele and Crazy John:

We spent most of our time on the beach, swimming in the crystal clear water:


...getting sunburnt...

...and just chilling out:

We managed to tear ourselves away to eat too much...

...and check out the casinos (chauffeured there in a convertible down the formula 1 track with a bell boy driving of course!):

Winning big was all part of the game (for some lucky punters):

We also took a day off to check out Eze Village:

which was very pretty and had some great views:

and a really great restaurant:

And that sums up our holiday, apart from going on a bender one night till 5:30am and Crazy buying a Chinese water feature on top of a French Cliff:

Yeah, none of us (least of all Crazy J) had any idea why he did that either.