Bollocks 'n Stuff #7



Crazy has been really busy at work lately, here's some of the stuff he's been spamming around:


For the wannabe voyeurs out there, here's the outside of a public toilet:

and the inside:

First thing I though of is what the inside would look like on a Sun morning if this thing was outside a pub... yeah, I know I'm weird.

Here's another link from crazy, a bunch of lazy Canadian idiots who don't know how physics and leavers work...



Ever wanted to see some idiots get zapped by Tasers? Well your wish has come true.

As a side note, American's with too much time on their hands have thought of the idea of banning cops from using Tasers. You see, 4-5 people have been killed by Taser guns over the last few years, thanks to those damn pigs!!!! Never mind that in the thousands of other times where people have survived tasers, they would've been shot instead...



Another link from Crazy to keep you occupied when you have a spare 5 mins... loads of fun, my boss liked it. I got 60 meters...!


I DO like Kitty cats, really!

I'm sure you've already see my Kitty Cats page here, but I just had to put on this video as well... courtesy of the Dentist.