Bollocks 'n Stuff #3



This one was sent in by Kent. Simply damn funny:

42 Below Vodka Ad

Check out these Atom Film's:

Real Hussein

Ahhnold for Governor

I Want a Fat Babe

Star wars Gangsta Rap

You know those bits of fluff on some peoples faces, right under the bottom lip:

I've always wondered what the hell they are called (why people have them is an entirely different matter).

Fortunately, Ray came to the rescue. They are apparently called "Flavour Savers"...

Think about it...

For all of you still wondering, I'll give you a subtle hint: It mops up pussy juices after going down on the ladies.

Thought of the day:

You know the world's fu<ked when not only are the best golfers black and best rappers white but when Crazy is dating womEn.