Bollocks 'n Stuff #2



Ahhh yes! My time has come. Not content with producing an internationally read web site, I have now flexed my mental muscles and branched out into paper! The pen is truly mightier than the sword.

The “man” won’t silence THIS patriot, sure, I may not have been put on the FRONT page, nooooo, parliament knows the public outcry would crush them into dust and anarchy would reign throughout the land if that happened, better to try and suffocate TRUE public opinion and place it on page 13, not unlucky for me, unlucky for “Ben” (who is probably the true mastermind behind the terror organisations around the world).

A great “Thought” indeed. If man didn’t think about going to the moon, then Neil Armstrong wouldn’t be the man he is today either (more information on what he actually did below). I have to admire the editor (I call him Ed) for the hours he spent in finely crafting my original email so as to not provoke international outrage:

To Ben, London W1: You say "Should I pay the same for my five-minute drive as someone doing 20,000 miles a year?", I say no! Wake up 5 minutes earlier each morning and walk or bike you lazy sod then there wouldn't be a traffic problem.


Now onto more Bollocks. You may not enjoy this as much if you're not a techo, that or you'll enjoy it more.

It's the result of giving programmers too much pot (you need sound to get full effect):


By the way, Lindows is one of those knock off copies of Windows that nobody cares about, like Linux or Apple...


Here's something from Crazy:


One of those things that points out that you wouldn't need a student loan if you didn't drink at Uni.


This is amusing, even though it's not true (you need sound, not for work):

Neil Armstrong - The Awful Truth


And this is just some crazy shiit:


I Bet you wish you didn't smoke that joint now! Stupid Lindows geeks.