Me, Ian and Marks Birthday Party



Well, I'm slowly coming of age:

Mark, Ian and myself had a combined birthday party on the Queen Mary last Sat. The Queen Mary is a boat moored along the Thames which contains a pub and night club. We had a Nautical theme, and if you haven't worked it out, I went as Isaac off of the love boat. Had a bit of bother at the beginning of the night when they wouldn't let some of us in due to the dress code, I politely suggested that it would be a great shame if all 80 people on the guest list would have to leave and fortunately the manager decided to let us in, just this once... :-)

Apparently, this isn't appropriate attire for a night club!! What is the world coming to:

We began the evening sitting out on the deck, having the odd sword fight and warming up on the drinks:

We where very privileged to have Piratess Kim, Major Tom Boner and Captain Rodtaker, here with myself:

Beach Bums turned up, yes, he was wearing shorts under his towel (and yes, the door staff asked):

A couple of hot chicks and some soft looking pirate:

Here's Ian, I mean Pirate Sore Ass, he had treasure buried around his behind...

More hot chicks. They where cutting up the dance floor later on. Apparently some really hot guy came over and gave a mini strip tease... Can't think who that might be... ;-)

More of the boys, Mark's the one holding the treasure chest taking a "shot" of vodka, the door staff wanted him to check the chest in, in case it was a bomb or something, so I opened it up in front of them and went through all the chocolates, messages in bottles, bombs and other buried treasure to put their mind at ease.

Another amusing drunken shot here, on the dance floor I think... We where all lying on the ground. Well, I know I was at some stage...

And that's a brief summary of the night! The tequila got brought out near the end and I don't remember much after that...

For those who could make thanks heaps! I hope you enjoyed the night as much as I did! For those who couldn't, I sure hope you can make it next time.