Beastie Boys



The boys and I where sitting around the other night wondering what we could get up to, to show Crazy John's Bro (Crazy John JR - or Dave as his Momma likes to call him) a good time.

"Ohhhh!!! Could go see the new pottery exhibition going off at Olympia!"

"Hey, I hear that new play 'The Grandma Vagina Monologues' is really good"

"How about simply sitting around discussing our feelings"

Those where all things we didn't suggest, instead we thought he might like to go to a

Beastie Boys concert!

I think we made the right decision. It was Ray, Crazy J, Dave and I heading off to Wembley Arena,

we where like 3 MC's and 1 DJ, and we where getting down there with no delay

Here's Dave and Crazy at the concert, I think it's a fantastic photo for the family album:

And before you ask, no Crazy wasn't on any drugs.

OK Crazy, here's a better photo, just for you:

And here's one for Ray (or should I say Jake the Muss) to give to his chickie babe:

I have to say, being next to Ray for the concert was like having one of the Beastie Boys standing beside me. I swear he new the words and what was about to happen better than they did.


Just before the concert, I sent out the following text to a bunch of ya, just to share the love:

"So, I'm at a concert where the Beastie Boys are about to walk on stage, where are you?"

and not to disappoint me, here are some of the replies (names reduced to initials to protect the dodgy):

"In the back stage having a beer with them" - IH

"I'm at Squash with my ladies team" - SG

"In the middle of a threesome with Angelina Jolie n Katie Holmes... Well, possibly" - SC

"At home watching TV. Good telly however. Bastard" - NJ

"Fu<ker fu<ker fu<ker. At internet store sending your hairy arse a email" - CN

"Working out budget for next year. I know where I  would rather be!" - KS

"M@sterbating.  I'm having a good time as well" - RP


Well, I'm afraid these pictures:

Just don't do the concert justice, you'll just have to download and watch the video, it's like being there (oh, you BETTER crank the volume):

So in the end, what cha got to say? God Damn, those DJ's made my day.

By Tony Baker: email