I've been meaning to put these photos and vids up for a while, been busy though :-)

Crazy, Richard, Matt, Anne and I went to an air show a couple of weeks ago (some big one, just out of London).

Was pretty sweet! I would recommend going. You see all the cool stuff on the ground too, like Apache helicopters:

and spy planes:

But the coolest shiit was watching them in the air!!! Like the Super Hornet:

Amazing watching what it is capable of.

The Chinook was also one of my favourites:

Especially watching it land on two wheels and take off again.

The Harrier kicked ass:

Something really weird about watching a plane flying backwards and turning around in front of you.

I think the absolute highlight of the day would have to be watching the Red Arrows:

These guys where amazing, flying 6 feet apart in some cases, doing some really crazy shiit that you know their Mum's would not approve of, like playing chicken:

Anyway, that was our day out in the sun/clouds, cheers to Mummy and Daddy (I mean Matt and Anne) for taking us kids, the ice creams (and Guinness) where great.