Adele's Birthday at Thorpe Park



Happy Birthday Adele!!! Well, for the other week anyway...

For Adele's birthday a bunch of us joined her at Thorpe Park and had an excellent day.

Thorpe Park is based out in Staines, the home of Ali G , Aiiiii:

(Note, the above photo may have been edited slightly - such as air-brushing out Crazy's pimple...)

The first ride we all went on was the Colossus - a huge roller coaster with 10 inversions! Check out the video.

Here's Mel and Andrea getting all psyched up to go on it.

Mel and Andria

Yeah, one of the bonus's of Adele's trip was that she brought along some of her hot mates ;-)

Another cool ride we went on was the Log Flume, here's Hayley and birthday girl Adele:

It has a sweet drop at the end of it, here's Crazy, Charles, me and Daniel going down:

This picture is actually more amusing than it first seems, you'll notice how Daniel is covered by a hat. This is because as we where hooning down Crazy's hat flew off his head, whizzing past Charles and I and landing square in Daniel's face, who returned it at the end of the ride.

Another really sweet ride was the Detonator, basically it's just a huge drop:

Here's a vid showing just how fast it falls, note the smooth pan up to everyone in the group - I should be a camera man.

Of course the day wouldn't be complete without Crazy smoothing in on some chicks, here's a vid of Crazy and I on the Vortex:

And here's Daniel, Hayley, Shane and Sarah on the Samurai, another big swirly spinny thing:

Daniel is obviously freaking out and Shane picks the weirdest times to eat his nails.

The last ride some of us chose to go on was the Tidal Wave, where you drop straight down into this pond, creating (you guessed it) a huge wave:

The video of this is damn cool. I particularly like how the wave looks like a huge pot leaf, not that I would know what one looks like in real life, Mum...

The day ended with us getting drunk and playing pool at a pub in London - all in all a sweet day out! Cheers Adele.