314 Plough Way



God Damn! Don't ever move house if you don't have to. What a biitch packing stuff up, moving and un-packing. Always triple how long you think you will take to move, believe me.

It's all been worth it though! My new place is pretty cool. It's located here and is about 15mins walk past all the yacht/boat docks to the tube or Mall. I can't provide an aerial photo of the place, as it wasn't built when the photos where taken!

Here's the front door:

As you can see, it's a two story place in amongst 3 story buildings, here's the back:

Fantastic place for having a few BBQ's (BBQ is under the blue tarp.) The door on the left is my room and the other doors fold back and lead onto the ground story lounge:

Here's my room, it's actually pretty huge, although messy at the moment as all of Sharon's stuff is stored there until she finds a place:

Yes, I have a sink in my room! As Craig (my saviour with a car for all my moving needs) said, handy place to gut all my fish.

Here's the upstairs lounge and kitchen (we've got a dishwasher hidden away there too!!):

The door on the left is the bathroom and the other door leads to Grant and Tania's bedroom, my new flatties. Grant and Tania are married and from Taranaki as well!

And the bathroom (has a power shower, which rocks):

Upstairs also has a great view of Canary Wharf from the sink window:

And here's the view out the back (can't quite see the BBQ):

I really like the place. I've gotta get a beer fridge for the downstairs lounge to compliment the BBQ's we'll be having many of! Should also be a great place for a few games of poker :-)

Grant and Tania seem like they'll be great people to live with. They keep their chicken sacrificing and shrine to the "Great dark leader" in their bedroom and didn't seem that disappointed when I didn't joint their "dooms day" cult. I also think the red-ring gumboots that Grant has never taken off look quite fetching on him!