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Where dinner was cooked:

Our hut:

Bridget, thinking that her backpack is a bit more comfortable:

Our guide showing off his cock:

Bridget getting a fantastic massage:

One of the freaky sized moths on the roof, about the size of my hand:

Having breakfast, being entertained by a cock fight:

Back on the trek again, checking out some of the freakier looking stuff:

Bridget found a swing:

Where we rested near the end of the days trek. Yep, I loved swimming in that water at the end of it!

The second village we stayed at:

This nights accommodations:

Piglets running around:

After we chilled at the village for a while, we went for a short trek to a nearby waterfall:

We went for another fantastic swim here too:

Some of the kick ass trees:

I found out that hill tribe kids freaken LOVE iPhones and are really good at doodle jump:

Chilling out playing some cards with the kids enjoying our company:

Off again on the 3rd day, bit of light rain in the morning so we had to make some umbrellas:

The mist and rain did make for some sweet snaps:

Some local houses:

We also went white water rafting that afternoon:

As well as some bamboo rafting. I just had to Derka on it:

Back in Chiang Mai we got some dresses and suits made. My dress looked great, so did Bridgets:

We also spend the last nights back at Bangkok, where all we did was relax by the pool in our swanky hotel and chill:

The slight contrast from how the locals lived to how we were:

Great way to finish off our holiday!

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