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It was AWESOME coming back from getting our photos taken and seeing everyone having so much fun! Of course, we joined in too!

Bridget smacking the ball:

Bridget's turn to bowl to me, with a little assistance from Matt and Stef:

Slogging it for a six...

Bridget bowling me out:

Then it was time to head in to the marquee for dinner and say hi to Austin:

Listening to the speeches, which were all so awesome:

My bro, Phil, doing his best man speech, everyone got treated to a sweet sunset behind us:

Dad's turn:

Bridge and I with cuzzy Rochelle:

Doing our first dance, this must be the "I'm too sexy" part...

After dinner, Craig's sweet guitar playing and a slideshow of some of the official photographer's photos, it was really time to let our hair down:

And have a wee boogie:

Bridge showing off her hands free wedding train holder:

The "Durka dance" came out many times:

And finally, it was back to our room, where we found out about the balloons!

All in all, the day was over far too fast, but man, what an awesome set of memories we'll always have!

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