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I didn't ever learn how to sit gracefully as a woman:

After many, many beers, it was off for dinner for some Teppanyaki! Here's the guys learning how to do "blood" with their hands (at this stage, my cuzzy Karl, Blair and Glenn joined us):

Live long and prosper:

Then it was off for many more beers, where we also made our own entertainment walking down Queens Street with a nice pyramid:

With the obvious result:

Glenn checking that everything is in order:

Another task I had to do was return a McDonalds burger after it was laced with a surprise:

Again, Entertainment was found:

Between pubs, I found out another task, reverse Bunji!

By Auckland's Sky Tower:

Really don't have much recollection from now on, but Blair proved himself beyond doubt to be a man:

Stu found out that you can hang off the Sky Tower if you "friends" lift you up on it:

I got a helping hand for my back-spin:

Time for a bit of a sing-along now, apparently:

And a final wander on the street before beddie byes:

And now for the video! Craig made this and it's one of the best videos I've ever seen, AWESOME job, Craig!

download it here

Thanks HEAPS for another awesome Stag Do, guys!

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