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We were treated with a spectacular view:

You can see our hotel, which is the black building, centre left of this pic (you can just see the top of the church roof in front of it, from the first pics posted):

Can see the Empire States Building, with its top all lit up here):

View to the West:

View to the East over one of the lower viewing platforms:

The next day involved more wandering! We went to Penn station to catch the underground subway:..

...over to Brooklyn, where we wandered back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge (strongly recommend doing it that way, rather than from the city to Brooklyn, much more interesting view):

Is Statue bro?! Bah ha ha ha!

A 90 degree panorama:

Bridge and I on the Bridge! Hahahaha, that joke will never get tiresome... ;-)

Bridge on the Bridge! Hahhahahahahah...

Looking North and back towards Brooklyn:

Oh, just as we got over to Manhattan, we spied this awesome building being built! The side of it is all rippled!

We also wandered down to Grown Zero. You can see bugger all there these days, but here's the beginning of the "Freedom Tower" (really it's called the "One World Trade Centre", but "Freedom Tower" just seems far more American to me) to replace the Twin Towers.

Wall Street:

I just LOVE this collection of buildings, very NYC:

We also went to see the "Blue Man Group", which was AWESOME! I really recommend ya go see it, very cool and brings a whole new dimension to audience participation:

I swear I saw a grin:

On our last day we checked out the Museum of Modern art:

My third favourite piece...

My second favourite piece:

Some other funky stuff:

I made sure not to look at this exhibit, because it was closed:

This was pretty cool, hanging on the wall:

But this was my favourite area! A bunch of stuff modelled on a PC and made!

This was very, very cool, a 3D printer printed out the flight of a moth around a lightbulb:

My Favourite piece of modern art in the whole place:

Right after that it was back to grab our bags (and Crazy's 22KG amp... long and amusing story there) and it was off to the airport and grey, cold, London!


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