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Everyone watching the afternoon entertainment of Ian icing his welts:

Here's a pic of the place we stayed in, which was a converted greenhouse!

Some of us went for a wander that afternoon to check out Rhienfield House, which was spectacular:

Of course, we went for a wander all around it to check it out:

We also came across a maze:

and of COURSE, with me in tow you can expect to push the boundaries and go for a wander inside the place, where you get to see amazing rooms like this one:

While we were trespassing, the others were playing a few games of rounders in the back yard:

We got a couple of strippers in as well, for late afternoon entertainment:

And as the sun settled and the BBQ was finished, it was time to stoke up the BBQ a wee bit:

Yep, just a wee bit...

Craig and Richard making sure the fire didn't go out, because there was a big risk of that happening...

The man in the fire also came to visit us:

Funnily enough, the more we drank, the bigger the fire became:

Lets just say we weren't cold...

Here's a wee video of the two nights festivities:

After waking up with some stinking hangovers, it was off for some canoeing!

Ian and Dennis both wanted to be in the front. It didn't work out:

And what better way to finish off a web page update of Mark's stag do:

What an awesome stag do!


By Tony Baker: email