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Here's the view again during the day, as we started our walk to Corniglia:

Bridge and I:

And here's Corniglia (although impressive, it was the least impressive of the five villages and the hardest place to go swim at as you had to travel down this rather long steep path and there was bugger all area at the bottom to relax at):

We carried on walking (after a swim) to Manarola which was really scenic as well:

No beach here, but the water was mega crystal clear and the swimming superb all the same:

And yet another fantastic sunset, enjoyed over a few drinks:

Again, we headed off that night to a great restaurant recommended to us to enjoy the rest of the evening:

Had an awesome past and Lobster feed that night too:

This wee guy uses Van-der-Wall forces to stick to the wall, not suction cups on it's feet, ay Stef:

On the last day, we jumped on the train to the short hop to Riomaggiore which was really nice too (and had some diving going on, which we didn't get a chance to do):

We caught the boat to Porto Venere:

Which was pretty awesome:

Had fantastic water to swim in as well:

A Church on the hill:

We couldn't find our way out:

I was pretty stunned at the shear number of boats out on the water:

Climbing up further, looking back to where we were going to swim later:

View out over Porto Venere:

The "castle" area at the top:

Back down in Porto Venere where we stopped for lunch:

And after a magic swim, it was back to Pisa to catch a plane home again!

Cinque Terre, brilliant place to spend a few days.

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