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Some dude touching up the walls:

Another stitch of four pics:

Some locals, applying gold leaf to a statue:

A cheeky snap inside one of the temples:

Some of the many bonsai trees in the immaculate gardens:

This was one freaky looking, um, dog?!

These statues dotted around the place were pretty cool, you can just make out in his mouth a stone ball, which is free to roll around the mouth, it would've been carved in the mouth of the statue when it was made!

I don't care if this dude was half my size, you don't screw with a dude who carries a gun half his height :-)

And sampling some of the fruit at the local market:

Although I didn't quite have the courage to try this...

And then we were back in to the mayhem of Bangkok traffic...

...and after one day of Bangkok, we were outa there! On to much more awesome stuff, coming up in my next update :-)

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