Xmas Party 2009

(04/12/09) - three pages

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The yearly (surprisingly) Xmas party was held in Putney as usual, down at the Wahoo bar (formally Putney Walkabout).

It was a dreary night to get down to the pub in, but Santa was prepared:

Nothing like warm bodies and a cold Guinness to warm Santa's cockles...

Nothing like a hot chick on Santa's lap either!

Err, nothing like a hot, oh, never mind...

Andrew found new and exciting ways to spread the Xmas cheer:

Santa's helpers were very helpful:

Watching the All Blacks destroy the French before the festivities really started:

Everyone stoked at the spanking the All Blacks delt out:

Then it was time for Santa to dish out all the secret Santa presents!

Richard wasn't too happy about Santa leaving his "phone" in his pocket:

Andrew was pretty stoked about it however:

Santa knows Terry very well, giving him a poker set:

Santa longing for all good little girls to share their presents:

Santa getting a kiss:

Lindsey worried about the shape of her present:

No Jen, you didn't get tasty paper as a present:

Some people didn't like Santa hogging all the limelight:

Careful, you don't want your balls to drop!

I think Santa got the present here:

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