Waitangi Day Circle Line Pub crawl



This page is well overdue! I don't feel that bad about how long it has taken me to put it up though, because this years Circle Line pub crawl was the worst one I've been to. Not to say it was a rubbish day, had heaps of fun, but the circle line was closed for maintenance and the cops prevented us doing the Haka in the usual place in Parliament Square.

Because of the circle line being closed, we decided to nip straight around to the Zetland Arms:

The fact that you could get in the pub and order a beer shows how fewer people there were on the crawl this year:

James, Andrew and Shea getting their first pints in:

Here's another example of the lack of people, we might've turned up too early or something, but last year this place was totally packed!

We found ways to entertain ourselves...

There was a huge crowd at Parliament Square, but there were also hundreds of cops! You can see here how they prevented us blocking off the road to do the Haka:

Everyone got in to the spirit still:

All the cops were totally cool, I've talked to a few of them and they say that the pub crawl rarely causes any difficulties for them:

Classic shot of The Clock:

We wandered off to Temple Walkabout, but the queue was bloody huge, here it is hours later:

So we went off to the Southerner, which soon packed out:

Someone dropped their guts at the pub as well (wasn't me) and stunk the whole place out!

Bridget with Mr 4-Square:

After the Southerner, we went to Motion at Embankment where we partied the rest of the night away:

And around midnight wandered over the bridge to get some cool night snaps of London:

So all in all, a bit of a disappointment for the pub crawl this year, I guess they days of true carnage and taking over the roads around Westminster at 4pm are over!


By Tony Baker: email