U2 Wembley Stadium London

(21/08/09) - including video


Bridge and I were lucky enough to see U2 at Wembley Stadium last Friday (14/08/2009) and were NOT disappointed!

The concert broke two records, firstly, with 88,000 people turning up it was the biggest crowd Wembley Stadium has ever seen.

Here's my video! I thought about posting nothing else as it captures the atmosphere much better than the pics:

Click Here to watch it directly on You-Tube (recommended) or click play below!

Note, if the Record association pricks take it down, here's a link to medium size (50MB) and small size (10MB).

Heading in to Wembley:

Kelly and Bridge (Kelly brought a spare ticket we had):

Stadium filling up, crowd starting to go nuts!

U2 finally out on stage:

The rest of the pictures are really just showing off the amazing 64 foot high stage and all the effects:

Everyone with their cell phones on!

And finally, everyone leaving!

U2 have retained their crown as one of the most amazing performers in the world.


By Tony Baker: email