Tans and Grant's Monopoly Pub Crawl

(20/07/09) - three pages

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Well, Tans and Grant will be back in NZ now. Before they closed the chapter on London life, a big bunch of us got together to do the Monopoly pub crawl with them! For those not in the know, it involves trying to go to a pub at all the locations around London on the Monopoly board. Oh, and we also had a head gear theme!

Starting off at Old Kent Road, we started entertaining ourselves straight away...

Bridget telling the plastic surgeon that she was happy with his eye work:

Tans decided to perm and dye her hair for the occasion:

Pirate Andrew:

Outside the first pub (Ok, wasn't ACTUALLY on Old Kent Road, but it's the recommended pub nearby):

Off to Fenchurch Street Station:

Was great getting around to classic old English pubs you'd never normally be seen dead in:

Andrew taking a trip down James's passage:

Inside Hamilton Hall at Liverpool St:

Where we met up with even more people;

Inside Liverpool St station:

Princess of the Tube:


Grant, Michele, Robyn, Caroline, Richard, Craig and Mark:

Off outta the tube:

Pub at Angel:

The first garden bar on the trip:

Oh yeah, and Grant took some dice with him, the person who rolled the lowest had to do a shot...

Tania flagging down a ride to the next pub:

Pentonville Road stop, lovin' the sun:

We saw some weird looking trees down that road...

I say old boy, pucker pint at Kings Cross!

Richard strongly believes in world peace:


Starting to get a bit merry at this stage...


Many more great pics on the next two pages!

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